Pest Control – Drain Problem

Here is a sample of a drain that we found letting rats gain access to a building. The client has been getting rats almost every year and they decided to change pest control company and use Complete Pest Control. As standard we

always check the drains, in this picture the gap around the pipe was giving the rats access to under the ground floor. It’s not hard to fix but you need to know what your looking for.

Pest Control Drain Problem

Pest Control Drain Problem


Pest Control Dublin

Pest Control Dublin – Luas Works

Complete Pest Control now has a pest control technician based full-time in Dublin city centre to

deal with the demands from businesses who have had to step up their pest control measures due

to the increase numbers of Rats.


A spokesperson for the Luas Cross City project confirmed that businesses have complained of rodent

problems caused by ongoing construction.


Should you have any concerns or would like advice, Just give us a call


Head Office – 01 4509812

Pest Control Dublin

Pest Control Dublin

Pest Control Dublin


Pest Control Dublin

Complete Pest Control – Pest Control Dublin


Key points about Complete Pest Control 

  • Complete Pest Control is committed to providing the highest quality service to our clients.
  • We are Family Owned and Operated since 2007.
  • With our head office based in Dublin, we offer pest control service nationwide


We  provide a variety of pest control services to the following types of clients

  •  Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial


Call us today for your free estimate!

Dublin  - 01 4509812


Residential Customers

Having pests in your home can be a serious health risk.  At Complete Pest Control we can provide

you with a high quality service and support to deal with your problem. You will receive a personal

service and advice every step of the way.


Our commitment is to deliver following with every call :

High standard of customer service, Stress and hassle free solutions, Competitive pricing, Flexible service hours.

Commercial Customers

As a business owner you have a responsibility to ensure that you are proactive in your approach to pest control.

We help companies save money on their pest control costs, Complete Pest Control can provide your Business with

hassle free services, we offer low prices without compromising on quality or customer service.

Our Goal

Exceptional customer service is our number one priority,

We want to make sure you are happy with Complete Pest Control from beginning to end.

Complete Pest Control Uses The New Wedge System

Complete Pest control has now installed the update Wedge system onto our client sites. This system allows up to identify which wedge (trap) has been activated.

The system is simple to use and does not require any programming by our technicians.




Help I have rats mice – Pest Control

If you think you have rats or mice, here are some sign to look out for.

Mouse droppings are about the size of grain of rice, rat dropping on the other hand are about the size of a raisin.

Check around the garden for burrow holes, they will be about the size of closed fist.

Look for any small hole with chewed edges is a sure sign. Check your presses for chewed packages. Look for shredded paper. Look for tooth marks.

Listen for gnawing or scratching in walls or attics, especially at night.


Chewed paper or any thing really (carpet, clothes, toys, etc ) are often found in boxes, drawers or attics.

A musty odor usually indicates mice, not rats, are present.


At Complete Pest Control we offer two different types of rodent service to get rid of rat mice


Standard Service
This is you normal rodent treatment that includes using traps (for rats) and traps and bait (for mice).

Premium Service
We install the wedge system, This is a monitoring system for traps which allows us to monitor the traps in your home 24/7. allowing us to offer better response time.




• No requirement to use rodenticides inside the building.
• No more looking for Bad Smells (Dead rodent under floor, etc)
• Remote 24/7 monitoring of traps
• Quicker response times


01 4509812  (South Dublin, Head Office)

01 8310515 (North Dublin)

021 4225500 (Cork)

045 867172 (MidLands) 

Protect your home from Rats and Mice – Pest Control Cover

Protect you home from Rats and Mice

Complete Pest Control can protect your home from Rats and Mice with “PEST COVER” from Complete Pest Control.

We will install a Wedge System in your home, this allows us to monitor your home 24/7 for rodent activity.


  • No requirement to use poisons inside the building.
  • No more looking for Bad Smells (Dead rodent under floor, etc)
  • Remote 24/7 monitoring of traps
  • Quicker response times.


For information contact one of our offices.



Rat and Mice Cover

Rat and Mice Cover

Pest Control Dublin

Complete Pest Control Dublin prides itself our ability to provide quality service together with timely delivery of informational reports and required documents.

Our success is built on our ongoing commitment to service our customers with the best techniques and newest innovations in the pest control industry.


First in Ireland to use the Wedge System to remotely monitor rodents traps               


First in Ireland to have bedbug dogs, Trained to detect Bedbug activity                             


We are confident we will be able to eradicate your pest problems and help you maintain a safe and healthy environment.

If you are considering a new pest control company, demand the best! Learn firsthand why Complete Pest Control is the best pest management company for you!

pest control – Rodent Treatments


Complete Pest Control is now offering a new way to deal with rodent problems. We are offering

a monitored solution for domestic rodent treatments. We will now be installed The Wedge

system which monitors the traps, the system emails us when the traps has gone off.


This allows us to monitor the job remotely 24/7, offering our clients peace of mind that

The trap are being monitored


The Wedge


Pest Control Dublin

Pest Control Dublin

Ok the traffic not to bad as the kids are off school, however this is going to end in a few weeks. The traffic goes to hell and all the mothers will be happy that their little angles

will be someone else’s problem for a few hours every day.


At Complete Pest Control Dublin we have plenty of technicians around the city so traffic is not a problem. Each pest control technician has their own area which they cover. Normally

the pest control technician lives in the area they cover, this gives them great local knowledge.


The next thing on our radar with the winter months coming in will be rodents ( Rats / Mice ), now is the time to be checking your home with regard to access points. Rats and

mice are looking for a easy touch. Holes around pipes, damaged vents, etc. You need to check from about your knee height down.


If the rodents can get into you home you won’t have a problem this winter.


dublin pest control

dublin pest control

Pest Control Tallaght

Now in tallaght … With our new office based in Tallaght, Complete Pest Control can offer the people of Tallaght a Complete Pest Control solution.


Residential Pest Control Tallaght


Having pests in your can be a serious health risk to your family and can cause damage to your home. At pest control Tallaght we offer our clients a high quality service and support to deal with your pest control problem using nothing but the best quality products and latest techniques. You will receive a personal service from pest control Tallaght and advice every step of the way.


Complete Pest Control Tallaght delivers the following to all our residential customers:


The highest standard of customer service.

Information and advise

Hassle free pest solutions.

Competitive pricing.

Flexible service hours.

Fast response times

Discreet service.



Business Customers


The presence of any pests in a business can be embarrassing and has the potential of leading to the loss of current and potential customers. Complete Pest Control Tallaght can offer you a proactive approach to your pest control needs. Our integrated pest control solutions are designed to eliminate, monitor and prevent any current or future pest infestations. All service contracts are tailor made to your business requirements, our contracts are designed to maintain a pest free environment in compliance with HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points).


Our commitment is to deliver the following to all our business customers:


Scheduled routine treatments and inspections

Full documentation and a detailed reporting ( Folder onsite)

Professional and friendly customers service

Temper proof bating

Competitive pricing

Full risk assessment

Fast response times


Example of pests covered by complete pest control tallaght:

Bed bugs, Fleas, Wasps, Rats, Mice, Cockroaches, Ants, Biting insects, Flying insects, Carpet Beetles, Clothes Moths, Pigeons.



pest control tallaght

pest control tallaght

Complete pest control contact