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Protect your home from Rats and Mice – Pest Control Cover

Protect you home from Rats and Mice Complete Pest Control can protect your home from Rats and Mice with “PEST COVER” from Complete Pest Control. We will install a Wedge System in your home, this allows us to monitor your home 24/7 for rodent activity.   No requirement to use poisons inside the building. No […]

Rats this winter

Here comes the winter and it can bring with it a host of problems when it comes to rats. This summer (if you can call it that) we had no let up in the amount of calls for rats, this was down to the mild winter last year.  Its only September and already I have […]

Pest Control – Rats

We have had an increase in the number of calls for rats, normally the cold winters help keep the number under control. This year the winter was not to bad and as a result more rats survived and that mean more breeding pairs. You will need to check your home for entry points, these are […]

Here comes the snow

Well it’s started, It’s snowing in Dublin today and its very cold….. This is now the time rodents will be looking for somewhere warm to spend the winter. If you are unlucky it might be your house, make sure you check your home for enter points. Rats and mice are opportunists and if they find […]

Rats and the Floods

Following last nights floods we are getting a lot of calls to the office from people who thinks they might have rats in their homes after all that rain. People are reporting hearing  noises in kitchens, boiler rooms, etc. The rats will move inside to escape flood waters. We are asking people to be vigilant […]

Rats and Mice

People are now starting to ring with rats and mice problems, looks like the summer is well and truly behind us now and the wasps are all but gone. If you have a rats or mouse they got in to your home somehow, Rats and mice are opportunists, if they can find an easy way […]

Autumn is now here, So are the rats and mice

Autumn is here and so are the Rats/Mice, they are going to be looking for shelter as the weather gets bad. This can mean your house, shed, etc.    If you get a rat/mouse in your home you’re probably wondering why me. Sometime its just down to bad luck, they have found easy access to your home. […]

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