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If you think you have rats or mice, here are some sign to look out for.

Mouse droppings are about the size of grain of rice, rat dropping on the other hand are about the size of a raisin.

Check around the garden for burrow holes, they will be about the size of closed fist.

Look for any small hole with chewed edges is a sure sign. Check your presses for chewed packages. Look for shredded paper. Look for tooth marks.

Listen for gnawing or scratching in walls or attics, especially at night.


Chewed paper or any thing really (carpet, clothes, toys, etc ) are often found in boxes, drawers or attics.

A musty odor usually indicates mice, not rats, are present.


At Complete Pest Control we offer two different types of rodent service to get rid of rat mice


Standard Service
This is you normal rodent treatment that includes using traps (for rats) and traps and bait (for mice).

Premium Service
We install the wedge system, This is a monitoring system for traps which allows us to monitor the traps in your home 24/7. allowing us to offer better response time.




• No requirement to use rodenticides inside the building.
• No more looking for Bad Smells (Dead rodent under floor, etc)
• Remote 24/7 monitoring of traps
• Quicker response times


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