The Wedge System 


 Considering the general shift in attitudes away from use of rodenticides there is an increased requirement for pest control

companies to use traps. The unique patented Wedge system works in conjunction with standard rat and mouse trap which

is a perfect option for areas where the use of rodenticides bait is not an option.


“ Pest control has gone wireless “

monitorlights                                                                                                                  wedgepic1

Base Station                                                                                                                                       The Wedge

The Base Station has a GSM unit installed inside                                                                    The Wedge works with standard mouse / rat traps

This will email us when we have trap activity.                                                                        Once the trap has been activated it will send a signal

Allowing us to remotely monitor your building                                                                    to the Base Station.



Why use the Wedge System 

  • No requirement to use rodenticides inside the building.
  • No more looking for Bad Smells (Dead rodent under floor, etc)
  • The Wedge fit into Internal & External TRB’s (tamper resistant box).
  • Remote 24/7 monitoring of traps
  • Quicker response times.


How the system works – The Wedge System






Residential Clients  

  • Simple installation – setup takes a few minutes
  •  Can be used in the treatment of rats or mice
  •  Home can be monitored 24/7 for rodents.
  •  Reduced call backs
  •  No requirement to use rodenticide
  •  Once treatment is completed remove the wedge system and use again



Commercial Clients


  • Simple installation – setup takes a few minutes
  • Offers client peace of mind their business is be monitored 24/7 for rodents.
  • Reduce amount of routine visits required
  • Reduced call backs
  • Using the Wedge systems your response time will be second to none
  • Allows pest control companies to offer their clients a tailor made pest control solution to meet their business requirements
  • Wedge’s can be used inside TRB’s (Rat and Mouse)
  • Allow sites to become non  toxic, no requirement to use rodenticides

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