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Pest Control – Drain Problem

Here is a sample of a drain that we found letting rats gain access to a building. The client has been getting rats almost every year and they decided to change pest control company and use Complete Pest Control. As standard we always check the drains, in this picture the gap around the pipe was […]

Complete Pest Control Uses The New Wedge System

Complete Pest control has now installed the update Wedge system onto our client sites. This system allows up to identify which wedge (trap) has been activated. The system is simple to use and does not require any programming by our technicians.    

Protect your home from Rats and Mice – Pest Control Cover

Protect you home from Rats and Mice Complete Pest Control can protect your home from Rats and Mice with “PEST COVER” from Complete Pest Control. We will install a Wedge System in your home, this allows us to monitor your home 24/7 for rodent activity.   No requirement to use poisons inside the building. No […]

pest control – Rodent Treatments

  Complete Pest Control is now offering a new way to deal with rodent problems. We are offering a monitored solution for domestic rodent treatments. We will now be installed The Wedge system which monitors the traps, the system emails us when the traps has gone off.   This allows us to monitor the job […]

Pest Control service

At Complete Pest Control we offer our clients a weekend pest control service, a lot of our clients work Monday to Friday so finding time to deal with a pest control problem can be hard. We offer a pest control service at weekends to allow our clients       The best thing is there […]

OK, they are here …… They Ants have set up home for the summer

Back in February we talk about the ant call that were coming into the helpdesk here in the office and how it was very early for this to happen, well there has been no sign of the ants going away. The calls are still coming, this is going to be a busy year for ants […]

Here comes the snow

Well it’s started, It’s snowing in Dublin today and its very cold….. This is now the time rodents will be looking for somewhere warm to spend the winter. If you are unlucky it might be your house, make sure you check your home for enter points. Rats and mice are opportunists and if they find […]

Rats in my Attic

A lot of calls this week about rats in attics. Rats are great climbers, they can access your attic very easily. Once there they have a lovely big area with lots of installation that they can use for building a nest. If you live in a semi detached or a terrace house the rats may […]

Commercial Customers

As a business owner you have a responsibility to ensure that you are proactive in your approach to pest control. We help companies save money on their pest control costs every day of the week, Complete Pest Control can provide your Business with hassle free services, we offer low prices without compromising on quality or customer service.

Bedbug Dogs ….

Amber and Pearl have just finish their first month with Complete Pest Control. They have been working very hard, as they are Ireland only bedbug dogs they have been very busy.

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