DIY Pest Control gone wrong

6 Top Reasons to Avoid DIY Pest Control

In most instances, DIY pest control is a bad idea. For pest control to be effective, it needs to be carried out by professionals. Trained pest control technicians understand how to effectively and permanently eliminate all types of pests.

The truth is that most DIY pest control attempts are a false economy at best – At worst, they can be downright dangerous.

This guide details the top reasons why DIY pest control is a bad idea.

1- DIY Pest Control is Rarely Effective

Most DIY remedies are relatively effective at dealing with the “tip of the iceberg”. But, just like icebergs, the visible signs of an infestation are only a tiny part of most infestations.

To be effective, a pest control solution must apply more than a band-aid that temporarily eases the situation. Professional pest control services will get to the source of the problem and ensure the permanent eradication of your pest problem.

2- It is a False Economy

The cost of repeatedly having to purchase new DIY pest control remedies quickly mounts up. It is also often the case that people end up buying products that are completely unsuitable for the task at hand.

Remedies that don’t work or only tackle the visible side of the problem are still expensive, and it doesn’t take much before you have spent more than the cost of professional treatment.

3- DIY Pest Control can be Dangerous

Many treatments contain hazardous chemicals that can be dangerous. Great care must be taken when handling many treatments. This is even more relevant when there are likely to be kids and pets in the environment.

Dealing with the results of pests captured in traps is also potentially dangerous.

There are also other dangers to consider when dealing with pests. Rats and wasps can be dangerous when they and their habitats are under threat. It is never advisable to tackle these tasks without professional help.

4- Understanding the Pest

Every pest has unique behavioural traits. Understanding the lifestyle and habits of each pest is a critical component in successful pest control. People that attempt DIY pest control are rarely informed enough about the nature of the threat to make the right pest control decisions.

This is why reputable pest control technicians are all trained to the highest standards. A large part of their armoury is the knowledge that allows them to precisely target the source of an infestation.

5- Preventing Further Infestations

Another benefit of using professional pest control services is the level of aftercare they provide. Not only do pest control professionals guarantee that your problem will be fixed, but they go much further.

Professionals can identify potential vulnerabilities and weak points in properties that can allow pests to get established. By making sure your property is “pest-proof,” they ensure that the likelihood of a re-infestation is greatly reduced.

6- Speed and Efficiency

Pest infestations of any type are unpleasant, worrying, stressful, and potentially dangerous. For domestic properties, there is the worry of disease and concern about the welfare of family members and pets. For businesses, these worries are compounded by the damage that can be done to the brand image.

Carrying out pest control with speed, discretion, and efficiency can only be carried out by professional pest control firms. DIY pest control solutions that are deployed by amateurs are never fast and certainly not effective.

Professional Pest Control Ticks all the Boxes

Pest infestations are notoriously difficult to eradicate without the proper tools, training, and knowledge. Pest control is not just a case of laying down a few traps or spraying some hazardous chemicals and hoping for the best. This rarely produces a successful outcome.

At Complete Pest Control, our professional and trained technicians can quickly deal with any type or size of infestation. All our services are 100% guaranteed and can be carried out quickly, efficiently, safely, and with a minimum of fuss.

If you have any concerns about a pest infestation, contact us immediately for advice and assistance.