Fly infestation

Common Flying Pests in Ireland

Compared to some other countries, Ireland is quite fortunate that there are relatively few types of flying pests. However, there are still plenty of common flying pests in Ireland that can cause nasty infestations.

This blog lists the main culprits that make up the vast bulk of flying insect infestations in Ireland.

Problems caused by flying insects

Particularly in the summer months, the warm and damp Irish climate is perfect for flying insects. Most of the time, these aren’t much more than an inconvenience for humans.

The problems arise when flying insects decide to make themselves unwelcome and set up home in the human environment. Amongst the common problems associated with flying insect infestations are:

  • Stings – Bites and stings are unpleasant at best and can transmit a large number of diseases, parasites, and bacterial infections.
  • Damage to property and belongings – Many flying insects can cause substantial damage to property and belongings. Wooden structural elements, furniture, and foodstuffs are all prone to insect damage.
  • Allergic Reactions – Allergens resulting from insect infestations can cause or exasperate conditions such as asthma. 

Types of Flying Insect Pest in Ireland

Ireland is home to several types of flying insects that can cause infestations. For homes, an infestation can be worrisome and unpleasant, and if not treated promptly, these infestations can be costly.

For businesses, the loss of reputation can be catastrophic. Luckily, prompt and professional treatment can quickly eradicate any type of infestation, including:


Wasps are a common problem in Ireland, particularly in the later summer months. Wasps are aggressive, particularly if they feel their nest is under threat. This aggression can become dangerous when they nest close or in human habitation. Wasp stings are painful but can pose a real health threat if they attack in a swarm or the victim suffers an allergic reaction.

Because of the danger, it is highly recommended that wasp nests are dealt with professionally.


Flying ants pose little danger, although they do make up for this in sheer nuisance value. Ants are not normally known for their prowess in flight; however, this all changes at certain times of the year.

It is during the breeding season that swarms of winged ants take to the air to breed and start new colonies.


Species like the common house fly, blow fly, horse fly, and flesh fly are just a few of the types of flies that can cause nasty infestations.

Some of the species like blackfly and horsefly have nasty bites and can also transmit diseases. Others like houseflies and blowflies also spread disease through cross-contaminating food.

Flies are both a health risk and a nuisance, but there is plenty of eradication and preventative solutions that can help.


Moths can cause major damage to clothing and furnishings. Natural materials like wool, silk, fur, and leather all contain keratin, and moths love to feast on keratin!

While moth infestations carry no or little associated health risks, they more than make up for this with their ability to heavily damage expensive belongings.

What to do if you have a flying insect problem

As the days lengthen and the temperature rises, flying insects of all kinds take Ireland’s skies. For most of us, this will be no more inconvenient than having to swat a wasp from the picnic or liberally applying mosquito repellent.

However, when infestations occur, inconveniences can become major problems. At Complete Pest Control, our trained and qualified pest control technicians can eliminate any infestation quickly, discreetly, and efficiently.

Call us today if you think you have a problem with flying insects.