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How to Keep Your House Free of Flies this Summer

This has been the warmest summer on record for much of the country. While many of us have been enjoying the opportunity to soak up some rays, the weather has also been kind to another opportunist – flies.

The high temperatures mean there is a significant increase in the number of flies this year. And with climate change seemingly driving higher temperatures year-on-year, the fly problem in the summer is also likely to increase.

This guide is crammed full of tips on how to keep your house free of flies this summer.

The Problem with Flies

There is no doubt that for sheer nuisance value, flies in the house are undesirable. Unfortunately, they can be a far more worrying problem than mere nuisance value.

Flies spread disease easily. Even apparently clean crockery or cutlery can be contaminated if a fly has recently landed on it. And the list of potential diseases also makes gruesome reading. These include:

  • Cholera
  • Tuberculosis
  • Gastroenteritis and diarrhoea
  • Conjunctivitis

This is why it is important to take the right precautions to keep the flies at bay this summer.

Keeping flies out of the house

Whilst it is incredibly difficult to keep every single fly out of your home, it is possible to drastically reduce the number of flies that get into your house. The few simple tips listed below will help keep your home fly-free this summer.

1.    Install Fly Screens

One of the great summer conundrums is how to keep your house cool and the flies out at the same time. There is something special about letting the breeze into your home in the summer months, but this leaves an open house for flies!

Fly screens are a simple-to-install and cost-effective way of getting the best of both worlds. These let you keep windows and doors open, letting you keep the house cool while blocking all those unwanted visitors.

2.    Store food properly

Food left exposed on worktops, or the hob will quickly attract flies. Try to make sure that food is always covered when left out and, wherever possible, store food in airtight containers.

This is an incredibly important step as flies have a magnificent sense of smell. One study proved that flies can smell meat from up to 7km away. While this was under extremely favourable conditions, the fact remains that they can smell potential food sources from great distances.

3.    Don’t forget the bins!

Much of the food waste, emptied cans, and food packaging we dispose of is the equivalent of a Michelin-Star meal to a fly. If you have a food waste bin that doesn’t have a tight-fitting lid, then purchasing one is a simple way of removing temptation.

Overfilled bins that don’t close properly should also be avoided. Try to make sure that your bin is sealed properly and kept clean at all times.

4.    Use fly traps or fly paper

While fly paper might not be the prettiest decoration in your home, they are incredibly effective at making sure flies that make it through your defences are met with a sticky end.

5.    Essential Oils

Some essential oils, such as citronella, lavender, and eucalyptus, are known for their fly deterrence properties. Many of these are available in spray or candle forms, so not only do they make your house smell fresh, but they also help keep the flies away.

6.    Don’t slack on the garden maintenance

Gardens can also be an attractant to flies, and from your garden, it is just a short flight into the house!

Try to keep your garden as tidy as possible. This is particularly true for cat and dog owners! Animal faeces will quickly attract flies, so it is very important to clear up after your pet at the first opportunity.

Similarly, garden bins, compost heaps, and even long grass that can hide dead mice and other small rodents can all attract flies.

7.    Call in the Professionals

If you have a problem with flies in your home or just want professional advice on how to keep your home fly free, then one option is to seek professional advice.

Complete Pest Control is one of Ireland’s most trusted pest control companies. Their fully qualified technicians can quickly and discreetly eliminate any type of pest infestation, including flies. They can also advise on and put in place prevention measures to help keep flies out of your home this summer.


Flies are more than just a nuisance. They are a definite and worrying health risk. Taking a little time to ensure your home is as fly-proof as possible will help you enjoy the Irish summer.

Just as important is taking the right steps to not attract the flies in the first place. Seal your food properly, keep bins sealed and cleaned, and remember to clean up in the garden, and you will greatly reduce the flies around and on your property.

If you need any advice or have any concerns about flies in your home or business, call us immediately for advice and, if necessary, a swift response to your problem.