Pest Control – Drain Problem

How rats gain access to a building through drains

Rats are opportunists when it comes to gaining entry to our properties. One of the most common areas they exploit is our drains.

Rat control solutions should always examine a building’s drains. Yet it is often overlooked, even by professionals! At Complete Pest Control, our specialists are trained in all aspects of rat control and will make sure that your drains are secured.

Example Showing the Importance of Checking the Drains

Here is a sample of a drain that we found letting rats gain access to a building. The client has been getting rats almost every year and they decided to change pest control company and use Complete Pest Control. As standard, we always check the drains, in this picture the gap around the pipe was giving the rats access to under the ground floor. It’s not hard to fix but you need to know what you’re looking for.

The Importance of Comprehensive Rat Control Solutions

At Complete Pest Control, our rat control experts provide a comprehensive service that is guaranteed to resolve your rat problem. But we take it further than this, as the example shows, other pest control companies often miss critical parts of an effective rat control solution. This isn’t the case with us!

As standard, we make sure that potential entry points in a building’s drains are secured. If you think you have a rat problem, call us today for a rat control solution you can trust.