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The fair city of Dublin is renowned as a bustling and lively city. Unfortunately, all this bustle makes it the ideal environment for pests of all sorts to thrive in.

Complete Pest Control are the industry leader in making sure that any pest infestations are dealt with efficiently, discretely and are delivered using the latest technologies and the best products.

At Complete Pest Control, we consider our customers as our biggest asset. This is why we always ensure that every one of our clients is completely satisfied with the outcome of our work. A guarantee of a successful outcome to your pest problem is part of our promise.

For complete peace of mind, all our services are:  

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Common Pest Infestations in the Dublin Area

The mix of Dublin’s urban environment and climate make it the perfect breeding ground for all types of pests. This means that pest infestations are commonplace and come in many forms.

Common infestations recorded in the Dublin area include:

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Pest Control Services for Commercial & Residential Properties in Dublin

Whether you run a commercial kitchen with a cockroach problem, or your garden is home to a wasps nest, our technicians can resolve your problem in a fast, discrete, and efficient manner.

Residential Pest Control in Dublin

Pest infestations of any type can cause stress and anxiety. As well as the threat of disease infestations can also cause serious property damage. No matter what the scale of the problem is, our technicians have seen it all before and will quickly and efficiently eradicate the problem.

Infestations can spread rapidly, so a quick response is essential. It is always best to contact us at the first sign of problems.

Residential Pest Control.
Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control in Dublin

The foundations of any successful business are built on customer trust. A highly visible infestation of any type can put a serious dent in this trust.

We understand this and attend to any infestation promptly, and all our work is carried out with the utmost discretion. We know how important your business’s standing is, and our technicians work with you every step of the way to ensure your reputation is protected.


Knowing that you have chosen a company that you can trust to get the work done is the first step to eradicating your pest problem. Here are a few samples of what customers who know they made the right decision say about us: 

What Our Clients Say

Dublin Pest Control FAQ's

How quickly can you attend to my infestation?
Our commitment to providing a first-class service starts the moment you call us. We can respond to any problem within 24hrs and don’t charge extra for weekend or evening call-outs.
Do you guarantee a solution to my problem?
Part of our service is our promise that whatever the scale and type of infestation you have, we guarantee a solution.
Will you be discrete?
Yes, we work with all our customers to ensure that the work we carry out is performed as discreetly as possible.
What do I do if I think I have a pest problem?
Speed is essential in tackling any infestation, call us immediately you see signs of any infestations. Tackling problems early is both easier and also minimises the risks to health and property.
How much will it cost?
As each case is different, it is impossible to give an accurate figure. The factors that contribute to the cost of each case include:
  • The type and scale of infestation
  • The property type and size
  • Number of treatments needed to resolve the issue

Getting Started Is Easy

Identify your pest

Knowing the type of problem, you face is the first step to a successful resolution. If possible, identify the rodent, insect, or other that is behind the infestation.

Call in the pros

Quick help is just a phone call away. With health and property at risk, calling in the professionals is the safest and easiest way to ensure your infestation is dealt with.

If you believe you have an infestation of any type or size, call us immediately. Our friendly, efficient, and discrete professionals will ensure that your infestation is dealt with quickly.

Our customer-focused services use the latest tools and techniques to carry out all work in a fast and efficient manner. Our guarantee means from the moment you pick up the phone, you can relax knowing that the professionals are on your case.