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If you have a pest infestation in the Kildare area, then we are here to help. All our services are delivered using the latest technology and the best possible products to provide fast, efficient and Complete Pest Control Solutions.

Our philosophy is that our customers are our greatest asset. This is why all our services are backed by an unbeatable commitment to maintaining the highest quality customer service.

This guarantees:

If you have a pest infestation problem in the Kildare area, then we are here to help. Call us today to find out more about our 100% guaranteed pest control solutions.

Common Pest Infestations in the Kildare Area

Ireland is a beautiful country, and Kildare is one of its gems. But, it is also the ideal habitat for a wide range of pests and vermin. An infestation of any number of pests can strike anywhere at any time.

Common types of infestation in Kildare include:

No matter what type of infestation you have, we can help. Our technicians use the latest techniques and equipment to quickly resolve any problem.

Pest Control Services for Residential & Commercial Properties in Kildare

We offer a complete range of services for both the business and residential sectors. Regardless of the size or nature of your infestation problem, we can tailor a fast and efficient solution.

Residential Pest Control in Kildare

For homeowners, tenants, and landlords, pest infestations can be a harrowing experience. Apart from the health threat that comes with many types of infestation, there is also the worry of expensive structural damage.

Our experienced and highly-trained technicians can quickly eradicate any size or type of infestation. With years of experience, there is no situation we haven’t seen before! Call us at the first sign of a problem for a fast and efficient solution.

Residential Pest Control.
Commercial Pest Control

Commercial Pest Control in Kildare

For a business that has spent years building up a loyal customer base on a foundation of trust, a pest infestation can be devastating. That’s why our fast response and utmost discretion can give businesses the peace of mind of knowing that their problem will be resolved quickly and efficiently.

Calling us at the first sign of an infestation will help retain your business’s untarnished reputation.


All our work is backed by our 100% guarantee that your problem will be solved. Here are what some of our many satisfied customers say about the service we provided: 

What Our Clients Say

Kildare Pest Control FAQ's

Is your work guaranteed?
Yes, all our work is backed by our promise that we will resolve your infestation problem. Our ethos is we are not satisfied until the client is.
How quickly can you attend to my problem?
We understand that in most cases, time is of the essence. Our call-out service means we can attend any job within 24-hrs, and there are no additional fees for weekend or evening call-outs.
Discretion is important to me. Are your services discrete?
We know that infestations are a delicate matter, and there can be a lot at stake. We work closely with our clients to ensure that all work is carried out as discreetly as possible.
Can I book an appointment at a time that suits me?
Yes, once you have contacted us, one of our technicians will call to arrange a visit for a time that works for you.
I think I have a pest problem – What should I do?
Contact us as soon as possible, pests can quickly multiply and the faster the problem is dealt with, the easier the solution. If you think you may have a pest problem, then call us today for a no-obligation consultation.
How much does your service cost?
Many factors contribute to the costs of each job, including:
  • Type and size of the infestation
  • Building type and size
  • Number of treatments needed
As such, it is impossible to give an accurate costing without knowing the details of the case. Contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.

Getting Started Is Easy

Identify your pest

The first step is always to understand the nature of the pest infestation. This is essential to help choose the correct course of action.

Call in the pros

With your health and property at risk, calling in the professionals at the first sign of trouble is the safest and most effective way of dealing with any infestation.

If you believe you may have a pest problem, then call us immediately. Our expertise, experience, and training mean we can deal with any problem in a quick, discrete, and effective manner.

All our services are backed by our commitment to customer care – for a friendly and personal service, call our pest control experts today.