Noise at night, It could be rats…

Rats and Nocturnal Behaviour

A lot of customers call saying that they haven’t seen any signs of rodents but they hear noise at night.

You might hear the sound of rats moving inside the walls, chewing, squealing, and scratching. This is a sign that rats may have nested inside your walls, ceilings, or attic.

The noise is generally more evident at night, as this is also when rats tend to be most active.

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Rat Nests – Exclusion is Essential

Rats can gain entry to our properties in many ways. From drains to cracks in the wall, these opportunistic creatures are masters at exploiting weak points in our buildings.

Once rats are established in our properties they will often set up nests in cavity walls, attics, or ceilings. At best, this can be worrying and frightening, at worse, it represents a danger to property and life.

A complete rat control solution is essential. This shouldn’t just look at eradicating the rat infestation, but it should also include identifying potential entry points and securing them. This should be an essential part of any rat control treatment.

Complete Rat Control Solutions

At Complete Pest Control, we understand the stress and worry of hearing rats at night. Our rat control specialists can quickly and discretely eradicate your problem and check that potential entry points like drains are secured. This is a major step in making sure the rat infestation doesn’t recur and is a step often omitted by other pest control companies.

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