Pigeon Control

Feral pigeons are very common and widespread in Ireland. They have thrived in our cities and towns by adapting to life, breeding and roosting on balconies, flat roofs, ledges, loft spaces and empty buildings, etc. Roosting pigeons can cause heavy fouling of buildings and surroundings, which is unsightly in itself. Gutters and down-pipes can also be blocked with faeces, feathers, food or nesting materials which may lead to water damage or damp problems.


Feral pigeons are a generally grey/blue, however colour can vary with some individuals being white, others brownish-red and many mixtures. They are 29-33cm long with a wingspan of 60-68cm.


Pigeons have 2 to 3 broods per year, It’s normal to have 2 eggs in each time. The incubation period for common pigeons is 17 to 19 days. The young are ready to fly in about 4 weeks. Pigeons in the wild usually live to 3 or 4 years age.

Pigeon Problem Treatment

Our service technicians can provide you with a high quality service and support to deal with your pigeon problem using nothing but the best quality products and latest techniques (Anti-roosting bird spikes, Trapping, Gel, etc). You will receive a personal service and advice every step of the way. Call today 01 4509812