Rat access

Rat / Drain Issue

Why drains should always be examined in rat control solutions

Rats can gain entry to our properties from many different points. However, one weak point that rats often exploit is our drains.

Rat infestations are worrying, stressful, and potentially dangerous. That is why any rat control solution should always include not just eradication, but an examination of potential entry points, including drains.

This is a point that is often overlooked by rat control companies. But at Complete Pest Control, we take a different approach. As standard, our rat control services examine a property’s drains to ensure potential entry points are secured.

Example of why checking drains is important

Drain rat access – Rats can gain access to your property from the drains. However, they don’t just travel up the pipes they can also travel up the side of pipes. You can see in the picture there is a hole in the side of the pipe that the rat has used to gain access.

Having issues with rats getting into your property … we can help.

Complete solutions for rat control

For complete peace of mind, it is essential that a rat control solution doesn’t just eradicate the infestation – but also takes steps to prevent a re-occurrence.

At Complete Pest Control, this is what we offer. With an emphasis on customer care backed by our 100% guarantee that we will fix your problem, you can trust us to deliver effective rat control.

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