Rats Nest

Where do rats nest?

Rats are some of the animal world’s ultimate survivors. Versatile and intelligent, they have lived in the shadow of humans for millennia. Whilst this might be an ideal situation for rats, it is not a sentiment that many of us humans share.

This guide details some of the likely places around our homes where rats are likely to set up home.

What makes a place suitable for rats?

Rats like their home comforts. This is why they are so commonly found living in and around human habitations. When we build our homes, we build them to be comfortable for us to live in, and at the same time, this makes them highly desirable to rats too!

Amongst the needs that rats look for when setting up nests are:

  • A close-by supply of food and water
  • A degree of warmth and dryness
  • Plenty of hiding places
  • Plenty of nest-building material


In effect, this means that many of the hidden nooks and crannies in and around our homes are the perfect nesting place for rats. It is also more common for rats to nest in homes during the winter months when the low temperatures and rising groundwater have forced them to seek more desirable lodgings.

What are the most likely places for rats to live?

Rats love to nest close to humans, we provide them with a reliable source of food and water, warm and dry areas to build their nest and our homes and gardens allow plenty of opportunities for setting up homes.

The most common places to find a rat infestation are:

Rat nest


Attics make a perfect habitation for rats to exploit. They offer dryness and warmth, they are infrequently accessed, and all that insulation and cardboard boxes mean there is plenty of nesting material. Of course, there is always a reliable source of food and water just downstairs, and rats are adept at navigating their way around the house while the family slumbers.

Inside wall cavities

Rats are masters at exploiting even the smallest of openings. They can compress their bodies and access gaps that homeowners likely weren’t even aware existed. What this means is that a colony of rats will quite happily reside in wall cavities that, to the untrained eye, are all but impenetrable. Once again, this is the ideal environment for them. Our wall interiors provide them with warmth and shelter and easy access to kitchens and pantries.

Basements and Cellars

Always the opportunist, rats just love basements and cellars. There are plenty of ways for them to access basements and cellars, including:

  • Drains
  • Pipework openings
  • Cabling ducts
  • Air vents
The same as attics, basements offer rats a rarely accessed dry area that usually provides plenty of nesting material and easy access to the rest of the house. They are also usually dimly lit, another plus point for rats looking for the ideal home.

Rats in the garden

Rats don’t just restrict themselves to the interior of our homes to set up a nest. There are also plenty of opportunities in and around our gardens for rats to set up a home. Here are some of the most common areas where rats will nest in our gardens and outbuildings.

Outbuildings and sheds
Outbuildings and sheds are commonly used by rats. There are usually plenty of gaps to exploit for entrance and entry. They are less likely to be noticed in all those stored garden tools and other junk that usually ends up in sheds, and of course, there is a ready source of food and water situated just a short stroll across the garden away. Once again, there is also a ready supply of nesting material. Rats aren’t fussy about what they build their nests from; old wellies, compost bags, garden twine, and even gnawed wood from the shed itself are all commonly used.

Call in the pros

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