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Rat infestations are a threat to health and property. They can carry and transmit life-threatening diseases such as Weil’s disease, hantavirus, and salmonella. Additionally, they can also cause untold amounts of property damage.

Once they are established in a property or its surroundings, they can be extremely persistent. This resilience is the main reason that at the first sign of a rat infestation, it is best to get expert help.

Complete Pest Control has decades of experience in providing fast, efficient, and discrete rat control services. Backed by an industry-leading commitment to customer care, our rat control services are 100% guaranteed.

Call us at the first sign of a rat problem for advice and fast and discrete response.


The Brown Rat range in size from about 7-9-5 inches long (not including the tail) and are usually varying shades of a grey/brown in colour. Droppings are capsule-shaped with blunt ends. (35 to 40 cm in length)


The Brown Rat reaches sexual maturity in 2-5 months, they breed throughout the year having 6-7 litters per year, each letter can be 8-10 young. Adults live up to one year.

How to identify a rat infestation

Rat infestations are not always immediately obvious. The rats can be elusive, but some giveaway signs could signify the presence of rats on your property. A summary of these is listed below, but for full details on everything you need to know about rat infestations, check out our Rat Infestation Page.

Here are some quick pointers that can help identify a rat infestation: 

  • Footprints – These are four-toed front footprints and have five toes on the rear. 
  • Teeth marks – Rats’ teeth grow continually throughout their life. To help keep them at the right size, they will gnaw at just about anything
  • Droppings and Urine – The pungent and unpleasant smell of rat urine is a sure sign of an infestation. Also, look for olive-sized droppings
  • Food and food packaging – Signs of contamination and gnawing on food packaging are usually a sign of a rodent infestation, potentially rats

If you see any of these signs on your residential or commercial property, call Complete Pest Control immediately. Rat infestations can quickly grow to large sizes. We understand the importance of a rapid response and can be on the scene within 24hrs.

Rats or mice? How to tell the difference

For pest control to work efficiently, it is critical to properly identify the pest. Rats and mice are often confused despite obvious differences like the size. For a complete guide to how to tell these rodents apart, check out our guide Rat v Mice guide.

A summary of the key points on how to tell the difference between rats and mice is below: 

  • Size – If the rodent is larger than 10cm, then it is very likely a rat
  • Colouring – Rats are usually darker coloured than their mice cousins
  • Footprints – Mice tend to scurry more than rats, the result is mice tracks are more chaotic than rat tracks
  • Droppings – These are substantially smaller than the olive or jelly bean-sized droppings typical of a rat

If you are still unsure of the type of infestation, call us immediately, our experts can quickly identify the rodent and take the appropriate steps necessary to eradicate the infestation.

Rats Nests

One of the problems with rat infestations is that they are versatile creatures that will quite happily nest wherever they find an opportunity. They also find loads of useful nesting materials in our homes and buildings!

Complete Pest Control has put together a comprehensive guide on the nesting habits of rats. This can be found here, it is a useful resource for helping to identify a rat infestation.

Some of the key points are listed below: 

  • Where rats will nest – In the wild, rats are burrowers, but they are also opportunists, and our properties offer plenty of ideal opportunities! Wall cavities, attics, basements, and sheds & garages all offer perfect environments for rats to establish nests.
  • Nesting Materials – Rats will build nests from almost any soft material that they can access. Commonly these include loft insulation, fabrics, and cardboard.

If you think you may have a rat nest on your property, call Complete Pest Control immediately for a fast and discrete resolution to your rat problem.

Residential And Commercial Rat Control Solutions

A rat infestation can occur anywhere, and once they are established, the infestation will quickly grow. Complete Pest Control’s fast and discrete response will ensure that commercial and residential customers will quickly have their rat problem resolved.

Residential Rat Control Services

Rats are a major problem if they get established in a home. They can spread disease, contaminate foodstuff, and can even bite if they are cornered. They can also cause major property damage, including causing fires by chewing through electrical cabling.

A rat infestation in your home can be a truly terrifying experience. We understand this and can quickly and discretely respond to any residential rat infestation.

Our specialist technicians can quickly deal with the problem, and you have the complete peace of mind that comes with our 100% guarantee that your rat problem will be completely eradicated.

We can also advise and implement solutions to prevent rats from re-infesting your home. Call us immediately if you think you may have a rat infestation in your home.

Commercial Rat Control Services

Commercial operations that have a rat infestation problem suffer from all the same problems as a residential rat infestation. But a rat infestation can also devastate a business’s reputation and undo years of hard work in a single stroke.

At Complete Pest Control, we understand the delicate nature of the problem. Our technicians will undertake the work quickly, efficiently, and discretely, leaving you with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your business’s reputation is protected.

Call us today for a guaranteed fix to your rat problem and advice and action on how to prevent a re-occurrence of the problem.

Rat Facts

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At Complete Pest Control, we are committed not just to resolving your rat infestation problem. But also to ensure that all work is carried out efficiently, quickly, and with the utmost discretion.

Our attention to detail and focus on customer care means that from the moment you call, you have the peace of mind that comes from knowing we are here to help.

We use the latest technology and techniques to quickly and efficiently deal with any size of rat infestation. All our technicians are fully trained and certified and understand the importance of a discrete approach.

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Rats FAQs

What type of rats are found in Ireland?
The predominant species that are the source of rat infestations in Ireland is the brown rat. This species grows to about 40cm in length and has a tail that is shorter than its head and body. It can weigh up to 500g and can also be identified by its blunt nose and short ears. Less common in Ireland is the black rat. This is sometimes called a "ship rat", and as the name suggests, it is usually found around port areas. It is smaller than brown rats at about 24cm in length and weighing about 200g. It has a pointier nose and is more slender than the more common brown rat.
What do I do if I think I have a problem with rats?
Rat populations can grow exponentially. This means that time is of the essence. Call us immediately if you detect signs of a rat infestation for a fast resolution to your problem.
Do rats carry diseases?
Yes, one of the big dangers of a rat infestation is the threat of disease. Some of these can be life-threatening, and it is, therefore, important to take action immediately if you suspect you have a rat infestation. Amongst known diseases that rats can transmit are: ● Weil's Disease ● Hantavirus ● Salmonella ● Leptospirosis
Do rats bite humans?
Although this is rare, rats can bite if they are cornered and threatened. It is always better to play it safe and call in the professionals if you have a rat problem.
Can rats cause structural problems?
Yes, rats will gnaw at any hard surface to control the length of their teeth. They can also cause structural damage when creating holes to access nesting sites within a property. More serious is their fondness for chewing on electric cables. This can pose a fire risk to infested properties.
Can I deal with a rat problem myself?
Rats are more than just a nuisance, they pose a threat to health, and in the worse case scenarios, they can cause life-threatening illnesses. They can also cause major property damage. Additionally, for businesses, they can cause a loss of reputation that has taken years to build. For these reasons, we would always recommend that you get a rat infestation dealt with professionally.
What can cause a rat infestation?
Rats are opportunistic and look for the same comforts as humans do when setting up a home. A source of shelter, food, and water is what draws them to our properties, particularly in the winter months. Keeping your premises clean with sealed bins and foodstuffs stored securely reduces the chances of a rat infestation.

If you are worried that you may have a rat infestation, call us immediately, our friendly and discrete professionals can easily and efficiently deal with any size of infestation. We have the right tools and expertise to quickly eradicate all rats from your property. We guarantee you will receive a personal service and advice every step of the way.