Woodworm Treatment

A woodworm infestation can be devastating if not treated properly. At Complete Pest Control, we use the latest treatments and technologies to ensure that woodworm infestations are stopped in their tracks.

Our fully trained technicians are experts in a range of woodworm treatments and can quickly assess the extent of the problem and recommend the appropriate treatment.

Woodworm treatments target specific lifecycle stages of the beetles and larvae behind the infestations. By targeting the young larvae within the wood, our treatments are designed to stop infestations at their most vulnerable point. This also helps to prevent infestations from recurring.

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How Our Woodworm Treatments Work

We offer a range of woodworm treatments depending on the severity and nature of the infestation. This means we can tailor a solution that specifically and accurately targets your woodworm infestation.

All our treatments are 100% guaranteed to eradicate an infestation and protect against further woodworm problems:

Fogging Treatment

Floorboards and other wooden flooring are always vulnerable to woodworm attacks. Our fogging treatment is the perfect solution. This treatment is quick and effective and is applied with a minimum of disruption. In most cases, all we need is access to the floorboards, and the affected room can be ready for use in a few short hours. Simply peeling back the carpet and lifting a single floorboard is usually all that is required.

Water-Based Treatment

We also offer a water-based treatment that prioritizes the safety of people, pets, and the environment. Our solution penetrates the layers of timber, as well as any cracks, crevices, and flight holes, providing long-term protection against infestations. Additionally, our treatments effectively combat fungal decay, ensuring the overall health and longevity of your timber.


We use a specialist gas fumigation treatment that is effective at every stage of the woodworm lifecycle. The treatment contains active ingredients that stop existing infestations and act as a barrier to protect against re-infestation.

Post-Treatment Emergence

The lifecycle of certain types of woodworm beetle means that adult beetles may still emerge from the wood after it is treated. This is known as post-treatment emergence. While this might seem like a worry, it is quite normal, and the treated timber means that any eggs they may lay will perish. Because the lifecycle of the beetle is broken, your timber is protected against future infestations.

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