A Guide To Insect Pests In Ireland

The days are lengthening, and the promise of spring and summer is just around the corner. Unfortunately, bugs of all sorts are also looking forward to the long days and warmer weather.

This article examines the common creepy-crawlies that love to take up home with us as the weather improves.

The Problem of Insect Infestations

Ever the opportunists, creepy-crawlies of all types start to emerge at the first hints of spring, and for homeowners, tenants, and business owners, this can spell trouble. Insects thrive in the warm and damp conditions of Ireland’s fairer seasons. For most of us, this will be a slight and occasional inconvenience, however, find yourself on the receiving end of an insect infestation, and it can become stressful, damaging, and even dangerous.

Quick identification followed by prompt action is required; infestations of any type can quickly spiral if not swiftly dealt with. Being forearmed is being forewarned, so the next section describes the common type of insect infestations in Ireland.

Common Insect Pests in Ireland

This list is not comprehensive; rather, it covers the main culprits when it comes to infestations. If you believe you have an insect problem of any type and require advice or assistance, Complete Pest Control will be happy to help.

  1. Fleas

For those of us with pets, the spring and summer months are the time to look for flea infestation. Although fleas far prefer to feast on the blood of our pets rather than their masters, they are opportunistic feeders that don’t mind leaping up from the carpet to feast on a passing ankle.

They are also notable for spreading disease, most infamously the black plague that devastated the world’s population in mediaeval times. At this time of year, the best practice is to make sure your pets have adequate flea and tick treatment to protect them through the spring and summer.

  1. Silverfish

Silverfish are one of the most common insect infestations in Ireland. These nasties are small insects (2cm or less), its name comes from the tiny silvery scales that cover its body.

Although infestations become more noticeable from the spring onwards, these little blighters are with us all year round. As well as being highly unpleasant, silverfish infestations can cause damage to fabrics and papers.

Silverfish are fast runners and set up home in the tightest of spaces. Professional help is recommended to make sure the infestation is completely eradicated.

  1. Cockroaches

The ubiquitous cockroach is another all-year-round blight that becomes more noticeable in the warmer months. These unpleasant creatures are carriers of many nasty diseases, including dysentery, e-Coli, and gastroenteritis. If that isn’t bad enough, they have also been identified as carrying a multitude of dangerous bacteria, parasitic worms, and other human pathogens.

Cockroach infestations multiply at an alarming rate; it is best to seek professional help at the first sign of an infestation.

  1. Wasps

Wasp nests are commonly found in our sheds, garages, under eaves, and loft spaces, to name a few. Late summer is when they are most prevalent and most aggressive, and this aggressiveness is most noticeable when their nests are threatened.  

Nests are usually of a pale grey or brown colour and look somewhat like a paper-mache balloon with complex patterns on the exterior. Because of the danger, wasp nests are best professionally dealt with.

  1. Others

These are just a few of the major crawling insects that can cause unpleasant and dangerous infestations, others include: 

If you believe you have an insect infestation of any type, Complete Pest Control Dublin or our other 3 locations countrywide can deal with your infestation quickly and discreetly, and all our work is covered by our comprehensive 100% guarantee that your problem will be solved.

Summing up

Much as we all love the natural world, it is a different story when some of the more unsavoury creatures decide to give us a close view of nature.