Adult wasps feed on nectar and sweet fruit. They collect insects including caterpillars to feed to their larvae. The wasps nest can be found in the ground, attics, sheds, air vents, etc. The nest will range in size from a golf ball to a football, depending on the time of year. Most people who have wasps nest never see the nest, they only see the wasps flying in and out of a hole or opening. The wasps enter and exit with great accuracy.


The Wasp is generally regarded as a nuisance. Adult workers of the common wasp measure about 12 mm to 17 mm from head to abdomen, whereas the queen is about 20 mm long. Wasps are yellow and black in colour.


The fertilised queen wasp emerges around mid-April to start nest building and lay eggs. Initially, she lays between 10 and 20 eggs. This emergent first brood of adult workers (sterile females) takes over the tasks of enlarging the nest.

Wasp Treatment

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