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Ants – garden or black ant

Black ants are social creatures, living like other ants in colonies of queens, males, larvae and infertile female workers. Black ant nests are common in dry areas and sandy soil. They will enter areas like kitchens, and food preparation areas, whilst foraging, and where sweet substances are found they will soon be present in numbers. In July and August, winged males and females emerge for mating flights. They are about twice the size of the workers.

If you’re dealing with an ant infestation in your home, our ant control service can help.


The Black Garden Ant varies in size from 3 mm to 5 mm in length, they are usually black or with a very dark brown colour.


Mating / nuptial flights generally take place during the hot summer months of July and August. Flights can contain thousands of winged males and females. Once the queens have mated, they will land and discard their wings and begin to find a suitable place to dig a tunnel.

Complete Pest Control Ant Infestation Solutions

As one of Ireland’s most respected pest control companies, you can trust us to quickly and discreetly treat any ant problem. Backed by outstanding customer service and our 100% guarantee, we use the latest technologies and techniques to eradicate any ant infestation.

Our Ant Control Solutions include:

  • Quick, reliable and professional service carried out by trained technicians
  • Bespoke Ant Infestation Solutions
  • Same day and call-out services are available
  • Advice on how to prevent re-infestation
  • Insect-proofing solutions
  • Follow-up service if necessary
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Ant Infestations – Prevention is the Best Medicine

Although not listed as dangerous, if ants find their way into your property, the results can be horrifying. Ants are attracted by foodstuffs, particularly sweet foods. Once they find a source, they will keep on returning – in their droves!

The problem is that ants lay down tracks of a pheromone scent that others from the colony follow. So, it only takes one individual to find a source of food to suddenly find your kitchen worktops swarming with ants.

The simplest way to prevent an ant infestation is simply to remove any “attractants” that entice them in the first place. Here are some steps you can take to prevent ant infestations:

  • Hygiene – Keeping kitchen worktops and floors clean at all times is the easiest way to prevent an infestation. Sticky marks on worktops and floors should be cleaned immediately, and pay attention to any crumbs or debris that gathers under appliances
  • Food Storage – Store any food that may attract ants in airtight containers
  • Pet Food – Don’t leave unfinished bowls of pet food out.
  • Entry Points – Seal any obvious entry points (cracks around window frames etc.)


Once an ant colony gets established, it can be difficult to remove them without professional skills. If you think you have an ant problem, then Complete Pest Control has the solution. Call us today for a prompt response to your ant problem.

Ant Control Solutions for Home and Business

Our Ant Control Services are available for both home and commercial properties.

Ant Control for the Home

An ant infestation can be horrifying and embarrassing for homeowners. Our ant control services for the home can quickly and discreetly resolve your ant problem. Call us today for a quick solution to your ant problem.

Ant Control for Businesses 

We understand how damaging any type of infestation is to a business’s reputation. At Complete Pest Control, our 100% guaranteed service will quickly and with the utmost discretion.

Whatever your circumstances, we can help! Call us today for a quick and efficient solution to your ant problem.

Ant FAQs

What species of ants are found in Ireland?
Although there are somewhere around a thousand species of ant in Ireland, when it comes to infestations, it is usually the black ant that is the culprit. These are about 4 -5mm long and dark brown or black in colour. They are often called garden ants. Amongst the rarer species that may cause an infestation are Roger’s ant, Pharaoh's ant, and Ghost ants.
How big are ant colonies?
Ant colonies can quickly grow from a few individuals to many thousands. In most cases, the numbers will lie between the two extremes. If you're dealing with a large colony, it's best to call in a professional ant exterminator.
Are ants dangerous?
In Ireland, we are lucky that most ant species are fairly benign. However, through sheer numbers, a swarm of black or garden ants can easily contaminate food.
When are ants active in Ireland?
From late spring right through the summer months, ants can be found in Ireland. Later in the summer, they can take to flight during their mating season. This is when flights of thousands of winged males and females take to the air to mate. It is after this that queen ants will shed their wings and look for a nesting site.
How do I prevent an ant infestation?
The easiest way is simply to practice good hygiene. Clean any food spillages immediately and keep floors and worktops clean at all times. Pay particular attention to sweet foodstuffs as ants are known for their sweet tooth! Also, seal any obvious entry points that ants may use.
Can I treat an ant infestation myself?
Commercially available solutions may eradicate an infestation in its early stages, but if the infestation is larger, then a professional ant removal service that completely eradicates the colony is recommended. An ant colony can recover rapidly even if just a few members are left, so for complete peace of mind, a professional solution is the only option. At Complete Pest Control, we pride ourselves on being the best pest control for ants. If you're dealing with an ant infestation, don't hesitate to contact our ant control company for help.