Mice Control Services


At best, an infestation of mice can be an unpleasant inconvenience – At worst, it is a threat to health, properties, and the reputation of a business.

That’s why it is always better to call in the professionals at the first sign of a mouse infestation. At Complete Pest Control, our trained technicians can eradicate any mouse infestation quickly and discretely. Better yet, all our work is 100% guaranteed and backed by our commitment to customer care.

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Mice range in size from about 7 to 9 cm in length (not including the tail), and are usually varying shades of a grey/brown in colour.


The Mouse reaches sexual maturity in about 2 months, they can have litters as often as every 40 or 50 days, each litter can be 4-7 young. Adults live up to one year.

Complete Pest Control – Fast, Efficient and Discrete

A Mouse infestation, left to its own devices, can grow from a mere few mice to hordes of individuals in an incredibly short time. This is why a fast, professional, and efficient solution is required.

At Complete Pest Control, we understand the importance of a fast response. Additionally, we appreciate that this can be a delicate matter, and our technicians will carry out the work as discretely as possible.

Our quick response and guarantee of a solution minimise the risks you face from a mouse infestation. These include:

  • Health – Mouse droppings and urine pose a significant threat to health. These include bacterial infections, hantavirus, and allergic reactions.
  • Reputation – Even the cleanest of premises can fall victim to an infestation of mice. Despite this, a reputation years in the making can be damaged by a mouse infestation.
  • Damage – As well as damage to food and perishables, mice can cause structural damage and potentially cause fires by gnawing electrical cables.


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Mouse Problem? We can help!

We understand how distressing a mouse infestation can be. That’s why we work with you every step of the way to make sure we eradicate your problem as quickly as possible and at a time to suit you. 

We have kept the whole process simple and quick.

  • Contact us – Get in touch with us as soon as possible after you see signs of a mouse infestation.
  • Initial Assessment – This includes determining the nature of the problem and, if necessary, a site visit. During the visit, we will plan the best course of action and provide a quotation.
  • Treatment – Our highly trained technicians use the latest pet and child-friendly techniques and technology to quickly and discretely deal with the problem.
  • Aftercare – Our aftercare service is designed to give you the complete peace of mind that your problem has been eradicated. Our 100% success guarantee and commitment to customer care are what keep us ahead of the competition.


For a fast, efficient, and discrete resolution to your mouse problem, contact us today.

How do I know if I have a mouse problem?

Identifying a mouse problem as early as possible is always important. The more established an infestation gets, the more complex it becomes to remove them.

To help you identify whether you have a problem with mice, we have compiled a list of tell-tale signs that can help you quickly tell whether mice are the culprits.

Noise – One of the first signs that many people notice is noise. Scratching, gnawing, and scurrying sounds can all signify a mouse infestation.

Droppings – With each mouse capable of leaving 80 droppings per day, this is another common first sign. Mouse droppings are about the size of a grain of rice and, if fresh, will be moist and soft.

Smell – Mice also urinate frequently, and this can cause a strong smell of ammonia.

Smear Marks – The grease from mouse fur rubs off and can stain surfaces. This can also be a sign of entry and exit points.

Damage – Gnaw marks are another giveaway. Look for damage to foodstuffs and materials such as electrical cabling, carpets, wood, and furnishings.

Identifying Mice

Mice are elusive, but especially in larger infestations, sightings do occur. To help you properly identify an infestation, here are some pointers about their appearance and habits.

Mouse Appearance

The most common type of mouse behind most infestations in Ireland is the common house mouse. These have the following appearance:

  • Weight – Adults weigh from 12g to 30g
  • Size – From 7cm to 9cm in length, not including the tail. The tail is normally about the same length
  • Colour – Brown to grey fur with a paler underbelly


Adult mice and young brown rats are often confused. The major difference is in the large eyes and relatively small head and feet of a house mouse.

Mouse Behaviour Patterns and Life Cycle

Understanding some of the behaviour patterns and the life cycle of mice can help with identifying an infestation.

  • Seasons – Although mice infestations are more frequent in winter, they are by no means restricted to the winter months. Mice look for shelter, food, and warmth in the winter, which is why infestations are more prevalent.
  • Senses – Mice have poor eyesight but an extremely acute sense of smell and hearing.
  • Activity – Mice are mainly nocturnal but highly active when awake. A single mouse can make up to 30 visits to various food sources throughout a single night.
  • Breeding – Mice breed prolifically, which is why a quick solution should always be sought. Mice become sexually mature at about two months old. They can produce a litter of about 4 to 7 young every 40 to 50 days.
  • Lifespan – Mice live for around a year.


Action should be taken at the first sign of mice on your premises. Call us today for a fast, efficient, and discrete solution to your mouse infestation.

Preventing an Infestation of Mice

It is possible to reduce the chances of a mouse infestation by following a few simple hints and tips:

  • Seal any cracks and openings that can allow access. (Mice can squeeze through the smallest of spaces – be vigilant!)
  • Keep bins sealed
  • Keep foodstuffs that may attract them in sealed containers
  • Don’t leave uneaten pet food lying around
  • Keep gardens clear of berries and fruit, also keep compost bins sealed

Mouse Control Solutions for Home and Business

At Complete Pest Control, we tailor effective treatments to quickly eradicate a mouse problem. Whether you are a domestic or commercial customer, our commitment to providing a fast and efficient service is always apparent.

Complete Mouse Control Solutions for Commercial Premises

For business premises, not only are the normal risks and unpleasantness of a mouse present – But the additional risk of reputation damage, loss of custom, and the potential to fall foul of health and hygiene legislation are also of great concern.

Our tailored solutions are carried out quickly and efficiently. Our discrete approach and flexible scheduling also mean that work is carried out with the minimum inconvenience.

For mouse control services you can trust, it has to be Pest Control Services. Call us today for a fast response to your mouse problem.

Complete Mouse Control Services for Domestic Premises

Having your home invaded by mice is an unpleasant and potentially hazardous situation. Our tailored mouse control solutions ensure that any infestation is dealt with promptly and with a minimum of fuss.

Homeowner peace of mind is also ensured thanks to our commitment to using mouse control solutions that are pet and kid-friendly. If you think you may have a problem with mice, contact us today. Our qualified and friendly technicians can quickly deal with any infestation.

Complete Peace Of Mind


With years of experience and a customer-first focus, we deliver a fast and effective service that is backed by a 100% guarantee that we will resolve your mouse problem.

All our services are delivered by highly-trained and fully certified technicians using the latest techniques and technologies. We work with you every step of the way to ensure that your service is delivered quickly, at a convenient time, and with a minimum of fuss.

Call us today for a no-obligation chat about any pest problem. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can advise on the best course of action.

Complete Pest Control Services – Aftercare as Standard

Mouse infestations can re-occur. That’s why we offer effective prevention advice as a standard and can advise and carry out prevention measures if required. We don’t want you to become a regular customer!

Our commitment to providing Complete Pest Control solutions delivered with honesty and integrity is the foundation of our business.

Contact us today for the complete peace of mind that comes from knowing Complete Pest Control have your problem in hand.

Mouse FAQs

What types of mice are found in Ireland?
There are dozens, if not hundreds, of species of mouse in Ireland. However, three main species are behind the bulk of infestations: House Mouse – This is by far the most prevalent culprit when it comes to infestations. Yellow Necked Field Mouse – This is commonly found in rural areas. This species is a known fire risk thanks to their fondness for chewing electrical cabling. Field Mouse – This is another rural threat and is far more prevalent in the winter months. Most infestations are restricted to uninhabited buildings such as storehouses and sheds.
Do mice pose a health threat?
Yes, mice can carry a number of potential health threats. ● Bacterial and viral infections can be caught from exposure to mouse urines and faeces ● Mice can aggravate allergies and allergic reactions ● Mice can spread fleas, ticks, and mites
Can I get bitten by a mouse?
Although it is rare, mice will bite humans on occasion. Mostly, this is if they are cornered, trapped, or feel threatened.
Can mice cause property damage?
Yes, mice can cause damage to structures and belongings. Mice are incessant gnawers, this is partially to control the length of their teeth, but it is also used to gain access to foodstuffs and for nesting material. Mice can cause damage to: ● Structural components - frameworks, plasterboard, rafters, insulation etc. ● Electrical equipment and cabling ● Foodstuffs ● Furnishings
What do I do if I think I have a mouse infestation?
Speed is of the essence, even a small mouse infestation can quickly swell to large proportions. There are a variety of traps and other commercial treatments available, but for complete peace of mind, it is always better to get it professionally treated.
Can I treat a mouse infestation myself?
Yes, although without expert assistance, it is difficult to completely eradicate an infestation. Additionally, even when successful, the chances of a re-infestation remain high. The upshot is that dealing with a mouse infestation yourself may end up costing more in the long run.
Why do mice come into our properties?
Mice are seeking the same things from our homes as we do. Namely – warmth, comfort, food, and protection from the elements. This is why mouse infestations are more common in the winter than in the warmer months.