Frequently asked questions

Please find below a number of frequently asked questions about pest control and pest removal, if there is a question you want answered please email us at info@completepestcontrol.ie or you can call us.


Can you have a pest control specialist to me today?
Complete Pest Control can respond to all calls within 24-hours and in most situations same-day service….is available.
Do I need to stay home all day and wait for service
Appointments are available throughout the day. Once the call has been logged the pest control technician will contact you to setup the appointment time to suit you.
Is there a price difference between week-day/evening and weekend callouts?
The price is not increased for weekend/evening treatments. We understand that most of our residential customer work just like us, and the only time they are at home in evenings and weekends.
Why should I hire a professional pest control company, can I do it myself?
Do it yourself pest control is certainly an option for some people, however, most people do not possess the knowledge and/or training that professionals have to effectively treat pest problems. The crucial element in treating a pest problem effectively is to correctly identify the pest species and develop a course of treatment. Our trained staff will provide you with a solution that suits your problem.
Can you a guarantee that you will solve my problem ?
All our pest control treatments come with our guarantee that your problem will be solved.
Are your services discrete?
We understand that for both residential and business customers infestations of any type are delicate matters that people would prefer weren't publicised. All our technicians are aware of this and will work with you every step of the way to ensure the problem is eradicated as discreetly as possible.